The client objective was to introduce a high visibility, branded flagship to distinguish the company from competitors and set new standards within the marketplace. By doing so, significantly expanded market opportunities have been realized.

The challenge was to produce a compact, sealed, rugged unit that is fully adjustable, ergonomic and both visually and physically user friendly.

The solution needed to be compatibale with a wide range of mobile and static installations. The SeaView display utilizes picture-in-picture(PIP) technology, user programmable controls, low light user controls illumination and is daylight viewable. No other existing comparable product is as small and submersible.

Reaction to the introduction of this product has been overwhelmingly positive. Anticipated market penetration and expansion (America's Cup, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Customs) has been superseded; a demand evaluation is currently supporting a 60% increase in revenue.

The client sucessfully identified the need for this product and is enjoying a strong market position and distinct advantages over the competition.